Rising from the Ashes of Suicide Survival

Aaron Childress brings a powerhouse experience to the stage, the page, and screen. His expertise runs deep, covering keynotes, thought-provoking workshops, inspired writing, and content creation with a touch of media flair. Childress is a knowledge-packed dynamo ready to ignite you with his passion and wisdom.

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Looking for an electrifying and inspiring speaker to take your event to the next level? With a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion, Aaron Childress brings a unique perspective and dynamic energy to every keynote address, breakout session, and workshop he leads. Whether you're looking to motivate your team, explore new ideas, or build a stronger corporate culture, Aaron Childress has the expertise and insight to help you achieve your goals. So why wait?

  • Keynote Addresses

    Inspire, educate, and set the tone for your event through Childress's unique delivery. Join Aaron in charting a path to success!

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  • Workshop & Breakout Sessions

    Hone in on specific skills and topics and witness the true power of your mind - don't miss the opportunity to learn and grow!

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  • Event Presentation

    From recognizing achievement to celebrating community, Childress shines as an event and awards presenter - let's honor your successes!

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  • Fireside Chats

    Join Aaron Childress for a fireside chat, an informal yet insightful conversation that will take you deeper into specific topics and ideas - let's talk and learn together!

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  • Corporate Retreats

    Aaron Childress leads corporate retreats that offer team-building and training exercises to foster innovation and collaboration - let's step away from the everyday and work together to achieve more!

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  • Corporate Consulting

    Childress's corporate mindset consulting process analyzes and shapes beliefs and attitudes to create a positive, productive environment - let's work together to bring out the best in your company!

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