About Aaron Childress

Rising from the ashes of suicide survival, bringing powerhouse speaking experience to the page, screen, and stage. With expertise running deep, covering keynotes, thought-provoking workshops, counseling, and content creation with a touch of media flair. A knowledge-packed dynamo ready to ignite your audience with his passion and wisdom.

Aaron was born in Wichita, Kansas but grew up in Clear Lake City, Texas, next to Johnson Space Center. He graduated high school in Wichita, Kansas, at sixteen years of age and began a digital design company which he held for over two decades. Though Aaron does not refer to himself by any titles, he served in the Marine Corps infantry from 2001-2005. Most recently, Aaron hosted a television show on Sportsman Channel for Cabela's, in which he traveled the country speaking to Cabela's staff and customers about mental health and veteran services. He has held various positions in the corporate world, including public representation for various artists, authors, and athletes. He has sat on the board of governors for various organizations and colleges.

A few years after his service in the Marine Corps, Aaron walked into his garage and hung himself from the garage door track with an electrical cord (though he will often refer to it as a rope to avoid tangents). His wife (now ex-wife) ran into the garage when she realized something seemed wrong. She lifted him from the noose, but initially, she was not sure if he had been able to complete the hanging. The long road to recovery for both of them was tumultuous, but even though they eventually divorced, they both co-parent and remain friends.

During this road to recovery, Aaron discovered his path to beating the ineffable giant of suicide, and he teaches anyone willing to listen. Aaron does not represent any organizations and does not promote awareness; he promotes the cure. Likewise, he does not solely help veterans, he helps all people and believes singling out veterans destroys the entire message of hope, compassion, and peace. 

Aaron and his wife RaeAnn live in Wichita, Kansas with their kids. RaeAnn has also written a book; a children‚Äôs book about their co-parenting relationship with Aaron‚Äôs ex-wife. The book is titled, ‚ÄúJust Us‚ÄĚ and it is sold on Amazon.

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