What is COLAB?

Collaborative, Cognitive, Communication, Community, and Concepts: Building You and Your Team into a Powerful Force for Action and Leadership.

COLAB is a multi-day, on-location professional development workshop designed to equip individuals with valuable leadership and life skills. It's suitable for both those with no prior leadership training and those with extensive experience. Our workshop fosters group cohesion and provides clarity to individuals.

Who Should Attend

At COLAB, we believe leadership begins with self, and that's why our program welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and roles. While it is a leadership workshop, it's not just for those already in leadership positions. Our approach starts with self-improvement and extends to leading in various aspects of life.

What Topics Are Covered

Our program's content focuses on cognitive concepts, making it versatile and valuable in a wide range of settings, including businesses, organizations, churches, sports teams, and retreats. Whether you're in a formal leadership role or not, if you have a mind that can process information, you'll find value and growth opportunities in our workshop. Join us in your journey toward personal and professional leadership excellence.

Why is COLAB Important

While many individuals may feel mentally secure, it's essential to consider that not everyone around them shares the same perspective. Regardless of their current roles, people inevitably interact with others who may not be in a similar mental state. These situations demand specific skills that not only benefit individuals but also enhance interpersonal relationships and team dynamics.

COLAB goes beyond conventional approaches and aims to help participants understand their own character on a deeper level. Even if someone believes they know themselves well, the program can reveal hidden facets and provide insights that drive personal growth. Unlike traditional "personality tests," COLAB engages individuals in profound introspective work.

  • Modular

    The COLAB workshop is modular, meaning it can be structured to meet the needs of a diverse set of locations and groups. There are 5 sections. The sections can be arranged to meet varying schedules while still building to the ultimate goal of strengthening the individual and the team.

  • Schedule

    Depending on the amount of attendees, each section can range from a few hours to a full day. Each section will have 3 units each. First is the instructional unit, followed by the testing unit, then a final review unit to discuss the results of the testing unit as well as a recap.

  • Results

    Upon completion, each individual will privately receive their individual scores and results based on the testing in each section as well as the final review from the instructor. Each attendee will also receive a certificate of completion and team will receive an overall score.


  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Participants gain a wide range of leadership and life skills, making them well-rounded individuals.
  • Inclusivity: The program is open to individuals with varying levels of leadership experience, catering to both beginners and those with extensive training.
  • Enhanced Interpersonal Skills: COLAB fosters better interpersonal relationships, improving teamwork and collaboration.
  • Increased Self-awareness: Participants gain a deeper understanding of their own character and uncover hidden aspects of themselves.
  • Versatility: The program's cognitive concepts are applicable in diverse settings, including businesses, organizations, churches, sports teams, and retreats.
  • Positive Mindset: COLAB promotes a positive mindset, which is crucial for personal and professional success.
  • Personal Growth: Attendees experience personal growth, which can lead to enhanced career opportunities and personal satisfaction.
  • Cohesion: The workshop builds cohesion within groups, improving communication and teamwork.
  • Leadership Development: Participants develop leadership skills that are valuable in various aspects of life, not just in formal leadership roles.
  • Confidence: COLAB instills confidence in individuals, empowering them to take positive actions and lead effectively.
  • Holistic Approach: The program goes beyond traditional personality tests, offering a deeper and more introspective learning experience.
  • Networking: Participants have the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and industries.
  • Career Advancement: The skills acquired in COLAB can lead to career advancement and improved job performance.
  • Life-Long Tools: Attendees leave with practical tools that can be applied throughout their lives, both personally and professionally.
  • Valuable Insights: COLAB provides valuable insights that can help individuals push their limits and achieve their goals.
  • Personal and Professional Leadership Excellence: The program guides participants on a path toward personal and professional leadership excellence.