• Aaron Childress
    I'm a fairly huge fan of tacos. Real tacos. Not these abominations that Taco Bell throws together.
  • Social Media
    Managing brands with conent creation, research, implementation, and oxford commas.
  • Brand Representation
    Brand ambassador, spokesman, partner, and mouthpiece for the makers of all the fun things.
  • Socially
    Hasn't argued about politics on social media for seven consecutive years. Which likely offends someone.


Brand ambassador, spokesman, partner and mouthpiece for the makers of all the fun things.

About Aaron

Aaron Childress is a comedic TV/media personality, podcast & Radio host, producer/director, Marine Corps veteran, and taco freak.

Has represented many of the top names in the outdoors, apparel, and firearms world, including Cabela's, Vortex Optics, Grunt Style and Black Rain Ordnance. He is a voice of positivity and humor, not just in the veteran and outdoors communities, but for general audiences as well. Aaron has come back from a rough patch in life to discover that humor is the best medicine.

"Make someone end their day better than it started."

Personal Social Media

Aaron Childress is working overtime on social media to steal all the memes.


Managed Social Media Channels

Social media channels managed for marketing purposes across all brands.

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Don't actually holler at me, you know what I mean.