Our ministry is dedicated to providing solace to individuals burdened by overwhelm. Through heartfelt encouragement, dedicated moments of respite, and the transformative power of scriptural wisdom, we aspire to bring rest to weary souls, fostering renewal and nurturing a journey towards peace.


We envision a world where the weight of overwhelm is lifted, and people find reprieve through the ministry's compassionate outreach. By offering intentional spaces for reflection, guidance in biblical mindset techniques, and the rejuvenating embrace of 'be transformed by the renewing of your mind,' we strive to inspire lives of greater purpose, resilience, and harmony.

  • Guest Sermons

    Inspire, educate, and set the tone for your event through Childress's unique delivery. Join Aaron in inspiring your congregation.

  • Retreats

    Retreats offer team-building and training exercises to foster innovation and collaboration!

  • Spiritual Development

    Transformative journey of spiritual growth through a comprehensive week-long course on your campus.

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